Super Bowl 2016 Commercials


Super bowl 50 is this weekend and that means some of the years best commercials! Many of this years brands have released their advertising babies in advance to help stir up interest and controversy. Below are the top 10 most popular Super Bowl 50 ads as ranked by Unruly Viral Video Chart:

10. Pepsi — “The First Halftime Performer Is…Coldplay”

9. Acura — “#DriveAcuraNSXContest”

8. Amazon — “Cheese Footballs #BaldwinBowl”

7. Hyundai — “Ryanville”

6. Intuit — “Death Wish Coffee”

5. Axe — “Find Your Magic”

4. T-Mobile — “Restricted Bling”

3. Heinz — “Weiner Stampede”

2. Pokémon — “#Pokemon20”

1. Doritos — “Ultrasound” (one of three finalists)


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