My Pet Monster And Other Cartoons You Forgot About

How many of these 1980s and 1990s cartoons do you remember? How many of them still hold up today? Take a trip down memory lane as we explore the forgotten gems of the 80s and 90s.

My Pet Monster (September-December, 1987; 13 episodes)

My Pet Monster had the potential to be one of the most terrifying children’s shows of the late 1980s. As the theme song proudly proclaimed, the titular monster was “big and blue and scary,” and “always playing scary tricks.” The monster lived with a very brave (or very stupid!) kid named Max, who kept Monster’s existence secret from most of the world by turning him into an innocent-looking stuffed animal. And how did he do that? By forcing a pair of bright orange handcuffs onto his hands. Okay, so the hostage situation is a little scary looking at it from an adult perspective, but we were kids! We all held our pets hostage in the name of love! Is Monster’s pair of handcuffs really so different from the pirate costume you stuff your poor chihuahua into every Halloween?

Though the big, light-hating monster Beastur was supposed to be the more imposing villain of the series, I always found the creepy Mr. Hinkle way more terrifying. Beastur was pretty incompetent, whereas Mr. Hinkle was the strangely obsessed old guy who was determined to make Max into some sort of criminal. Besides, how scary is a giant, sunglasses-wearing ball of fur that can be defeated by hugs and an infatuated lady gorilla?

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